Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Zap! is sci-fi space adventure drawn by the very talented Pascalle. It takes place in (where else?) space and is chock full of aliens, evil corrupt governments, secret plots, psychics, and lazer beams. The story follows its namesake character, Zap Vexler; a man with amnesia who inadvertently becomes captain of a space ship and its crew while trying to escape from government forces after waking up in a bar without his memory. All this happens in the first few pages... pretty exciting, eh? The action doesn't end there because Zap, as the crew's new captain, gets sucked into the Resistance (that the crew's a part of) and chaos insues. Much to the dismay of the crew, Zap is an idiot, however despite this, he is much more than he seems and it becomes apparent exactly why the space ship chose him herself as its new captain.

The world of Zap! is also another highly developed place. In addition to there being a whole backdrop of different alien races and characters, the world that the story takes place is also filled with backstory and history. The government, the resistance, the backstabbing subplots... there's alot going on. To help clarify some of the story/character/race questions, the artist even created a blogger site dedicated to the world of Zap!. Feel free to check it out.

Overall, Zap! is a pretty light hearted webcomic with quite a few good laughs. The characters have decent chemestry with each other and the villians are fun to watch. The artwork itself is impressive. Pascalle, who draws the thing, has got to be one of the best colorists around on the web. Some of the colors, filters, and overlays she creates border on damn near amazing. The action sequences and content drive it up to a PG-13 rating, and its archive of over 300 comics makes for excellent reading. You might want to read it all in one sitting. So check out Zap! if you're down for some action, comedy, sci-fi and adventure. It updates every Monday and Thursday. :)