Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reviews Reviews Reviews!

Well, thats what this site is going to be about anyway. The purpose of this blog is to serve up to the public a weekly review of great webcomics out there on the web, created by women, and hopefully to serve, in some part, as a women's webcomic webring as well. (Hows that for alliteration?! woo hoo!) (thems be alotta double-yous!) (ok, i'll stop now.) (heh.)

anyways, thats the plan.

I, myself, am also a current woman webcomiker in the making; although i've got a long way to go with developing a decient back-log of finished comics before I dare start posting them online with some sort of regulated schedule. plus, you know, i still have to finish redesigning my website thats been down for quite a while now, but, hey, I'm lazy like that. Anyway, this isnt about me so much as for the promotion of others! I hope you'll enjoy this little review blog I've started and I hope to introduce you all to some cool little comics.

^^ (now lets rock and roll!)


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