Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Zap! is sci-fi space adventure drawn by the very talented Pascalle. It takes place in (where else?) space and is chock full of aliens, evil corrupt governments, secret plots, psychics, and lazer beams. The story follows its namesake character, Zap Vexler; a man with amnesia who inadvertently becomes captain of a space ship and its crew while trying to escape from government forces after waking up in a bar without his memory. All this happens in the first few pages... pretty exciting, eh? The action doesn't end there because Zap, as the crew's new captain, gets sucked into the Resistance (that the crew's a part of) and chaos insues. Much to the dismay of the crew, Zap is an idiot, however despite this, he is much more than he seems and it becomes apparent exactly why the space ship chose him herself as its new captain.

The world of Zap! is also another highly developed place. In addition to there being a whole backdrop of different alien races and characters, the world that the story takes place is also filled with backstory and history. The government, the resistance, the backstabbing subplots... there's alot going on. To help clarify some of the story/character/race questions, the artist even created a blogger site dedicated to the world of Zap!. Feel free to check it out.

Overall, Zap! is a pretty light hearted webcomic with quite a few good laughs. The characters have decent chemestry with each other and the villians are fun to watch. The artwork itself is impressive. Pascalle, who draws the thing, has got to be one of the best colorists around on the web. Some of the colors, filters, and overlays she creates border on damn near amazing. The action sequences and content drive it up to a PG-13 rating, and its archive of over 300 comics makes for excellent reading. You might want to read it all in one sitting. So check out Zap! if you're down for some action, comedy, sci-fi and adventure. It updates every Monday and Thursday. :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


DMFA (or Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures) is an online comic about Dan, Mab, and a whole crew of colorful characters and their wild and zany adventures. Its not often I get to use the word "zany," but there you go. It takes place in the world of Furrae, a place where all its inhabitants are anthropomorphic animals and magic is also an everyday thing. The dynamic relationships between the people and the culture of Furrae is actually an interesting backdrop. The residents there are divided up into two groups: Beings and Creatures. Both groups are sort of at odds with each other, which feeds into different story lines and character development, but is not the central focus of the story. The real focus is based on the two central characters, Dan and Mab, and the antics they get into with their friends and family. Although the comic started out very two dimentional, over the years all the characters have become very three dimentional beings with complete histories, families, and individual personalities. The character interactions amoungst each other are also very believeable and its easy to get involved with the storylines as they develop.

DMFA is also one of the funniest webcomics I've found out there on the web. Most strips include atleast one gag, sometimes several. Sometimes its the silliness of the comic that will get you laughing, other times its a visual gag or a straight joke or pun. The character dialogue is also pretty sharp and the little sarcastic side comments made here and there will leave you laughing as well. If that wasn't enough, occasionally the artist will put herself into the comics, making fourth wall jokes or answering reader's questions.

Created by Amber Panyko, the comic has been around since 1999 and currently has almost 700 comics. Updating faithfully every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, DMFA has developed both aristically and graphically into an awesome read. The current artwork is top notch and the coloring is something to be admired. The number of colors used for shading and highlights alone is enough to make one go "Damn." The comic itself was actually originally inspired by an online RPG community called Furcadia that Amber belonges to, but over the years has developed into its own creation. With easily a PG rating, the comic is easily accessible to anyone and easily enjoyed by all. I highly recommend it and after reading it, I'm sure you will too. ^^

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slightly Damned

Slighlty Damned is a comic about heaven, hell, its inhabitants, and everything inbetween. Updating on Saturdays, Slighlty Damned is a fairly hilarious comic about small creature named Rhea and the adventures of her afterlife where, not good or bad enough to be placed in Heaven nor Hell, she is sentanced by Death to the ring of the slightly damned. There she meets Buwaro, her somewhat unconventional demon supervisor, inaddition to many other strange characters.

The world of Slighlty Damned is a fully developed place complete with its own Gods, History, and Races. The surroundings are just as interesting as the story, which makes for a wonderfully rich backdrop. The characters are also fully three-dimentional. Artistically, Slighlty Damned is visually stimulating. The colors are vivid. Reading this comic is nothing short of a joy. This comic is actually a recient addition to my reading schedule and I have already read the archives several times; little wonder I chose it for the first review, eh?

Started in 2004, Slighlty Damned is drawn by 18yr old Sara "Chu" W. and has an archive of (currently) 139 comics. The comics vary in length and are often very silly. I'd give it a PG-13 ratings, since there's occasional cursing and mild violence. Totally an awesome comic thats worth a gander. I highly recommend it to, well, pretty much everyone!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reviews Reviews Reviews!

Well, thats what this site is going to be about anyway. The purpose of this blog is to serve up to the public a weekly review of great webcomics out there on the web, created by women, and hopefully to serve, in some part, as a women's webcomic webring as well. (Hows that for alliteration?! woo hoo!) (thems be alotta double-yous!) (ok, i'll stop now.) (heh.)

anyways, thats the plan.

I, myself, am also a current woman webcomiker in the making; although i've got a long way to go with developing a decient back-log of finished comics before I dare start posting them online with some sort of regulated schedule. plus, you know, i still have to finish redesigning my website thats been down for quite a while now, but, hey, I'm lazy like that. Anyway, this isnt about me so much as for the promotion of others! I hope you'll enjoy this little review blog I've started and I hope to introduce you all to some cool little comics.

^^ (now lets rock and roll!)