Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slightly Damned

Slighlty Damned is a comic about heaven, hell, its inhabitants, and everything inbetween. Updating on Saturdays, Slighlty Damned is a fairly hilarious comic about small creature named Rhea and the adventures of her afterlife where, not good or bad enough to be placed in Heaven nor Hell, she is sentanced by Death to the ring of the slightly damned. There she meets Buwaro, her somewhat unconventional demon supervisor, inaddition to many other strange characters.

The world of Slighlty Damned is a fully developed place complete with its own Gods, History, and Races. The surroundings are just as interesting as the story, which makes for a wonderfully rich backdrop. The characters are also fully three-dimentional. Artistically, Slighlty Damned is visually stimulating. The colors are vivid. Reading this comic is nothing short of a joy. This comic is actually a recient addition to my reading schedule and I have already read the archives several times; little wonder I chose it for the first review, eh?

Started in 2004, Slighlty Damned is drawn by 18yr old Sara "Chu" W. and has an archive of (currently) 139 comics. The comics vary in length and are often very silly. I'd give it a PG-13 ratings, since there's occasional cursing and mild violence. Totally an awesome comic thats worth a gander. I highly recommend it to, well, pretty much everyone!


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Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

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