Tuesday, September 26, 2006


DMFA (or Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures) is an online comic about Dan, Mab, and a whole crew of colorful characters and their wild and zany adventures. Its not often I get to use the word "zany," but there you go. It takes place in the world of Furrae, a place where all its inhabitants are anthropomorphic animals and magic is also an everyday thing. The dynamic relationships between the people and the culture of Furrae is actually an interesting backdrop. The residents there are divided up into two groups: Beings and Creatures. Both groups are sort of at odds with each other, which feeds into different story lines and character development, but is not the central focus of the story. The real focus is based on the two central characters, Dan and Mab, and the antics they get into with their friends and family. Although the comic started out very two dimentional, over the years all the characters have become very three dimentional beings with complete histories, families, and individual personalities. The character interactions amoungst each other are also very believeable and its easy to get involved with the storylines as they develop.

DMFA is also one of the funniest webcomics I've found out there on the web. Most strips include atleast one gag, sometimes several. Sometimes its the silliness of the comic that will get you laughing, other times its a visual gag or a straight joke or pun. The character dialogue is also pretty sharp and the little sarcastic side comments made here and there will leave you laughing as well. If that wasn't enough, occasionally the artist will put herself into the comics, making fourth wall jokes or answering reader's questions.

Created by Amber Panyko, the comic has been around since 1999 and currently has almost 700 comics. Updating faithfully every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, DMFA has developed both aristically and graphically into an awesome read. The current artwork is top notch and the coloring is something to be admired. The number of colors used for shading and highlights alone is enough to make one go "Damn." The comic itself was actually originally inspired by an online RPG community called Furcadia that Amber belonges to, but over the years has developed into its own creation. With easily a PG rating, the comic is easily accessible to anyone and easily enjoyed by all. I highly recommend it and after reading it, I'm sure you will too. ^^


Blogger ET said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your two blogs, both based on illustration.
I have been reading your Illustrated Journal for a few months now and really enjoy it.
I am a comic fan from the E.C. comic days but pick still pick up alternate comics, like Robert Crumb now and then.
I like your non-pretentious approach to yourself and your superb illustrations.
Eddie Hunter

8:00 AM  

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